A Meaningful Gift, Makes A Memorable Connection

You probably know the power of a well-timed, thoughtful gift in your industry. It’s a great way to make, grow and strengthen a connection – in a profession that’s all about making connections.

In a competitive market it's important to make a lasting positive impression. Closing gifts are one way to do this: However, it's important to give the right gift or it's a waste of money and effort on your part. What makes the right gift? Here are some criteria that will help you select the perfect closing gift.

- Something useful

- Something personalized

- Something that interests your client

- Something that will last

Why Give A Charcuterie Board?

Your client just moved into their new home, they are exhausted from the entire process and haven’t unpacked their dishes.

"Wait, my realtor gave us this beautiful charcuterie board, a bottle of wine (or sparkling apple juice for non- drinkers) and a charcuterie spread – we have dinner all set!"

No clean up, just set it out and munch while they begin the arduous job of unpacking.

A charcuterie board from Bow River Furniture is a perfectly timed gift, of lasting quality and show stopping beauty.

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