Furniture Care and Protection

Please note, Bow River Furniture produces fine furniture and though we build each piece with excellence, we want to impress that unless proper care is taken it is possible to damage these products. Think of the finish like that of your car: resilient to a point but still requires protection and care.

Cleaning Your Furniture:

Wood furniture is enduringly beautiful and classically stylish. Be aware that harsh chemicals used regularly can actually harm your furniture by softening and stripping the finish. We recommend that you keep it simple and avoid sprays and chemicals when caring for your furniture.
Cleaning your wood furniture is as simple as lightly dusting once a week with a dry duster. If you wish for a little shine after dusting your wood, spray a small amount of water onto a microfiber cloth, and wipe down the piece.
You should always use placemats and coasters for any food or beverages you place on the wood’s surface. If you have any decorations that sit on your wood furniture, make sure to add pads underneath so that they do not scrape the wood.

Protecting Your Furniture:

Be sure to protect your furniture from the following...

  • Heat exposure: please use coasters under hot beverages and potholders under any hot serving plates. Heat can cause condensation to get trapped under the finish and cause cloudy marks in the finish.
  • Sharp objects: prolonged contact with sharp or heavy objects (knives, scissors, tools) can and will dent the furniture.
  • The elements: our furniture is meant for indoor use only. We can not guarantee your furniture will stand up to rain, hail, direct sunlight, or sea water exposure.

With proper care we believe that our furniture will last many generations.