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Factors to Consider While Buying a River Table

We saw a trend of river tables gaining a lot of attention on social media in 2020. The trend started with people posting pictures of elegant river table for sale that looked exactly like the name suggests and got popular with the hashtags #rivertable and #resintable. But, what exactly are they? How are they made? And, how can you buy a good river table for your home? Let’s check out a few interesting things about these tables and the factors to consider when buying one.

Focus on the Art

One thing that sets river tables apart from other pieces of furniture is the sophisticated artwork. Even though all tables have the same river based theme, they are pretty different. Each one is designed uniquely and features an artwork that looks absolutely phenomenal. 
Never can the two pieces of these tables look alike, and that’s what makes the river table an excellent choice for people who want to add a touch of style and drama to their home. You can also get a customized river table that complements your interior theme. Be as specific as possible when giving instructions for the design.

Cast Sentimental Items into the Resin

Another specialty of a river table is that you can cast jewels, sand, stones, and other beach decor stuff on the resin to create a theme of your choice. You can even cast sentimental pieces that you’d like to see every day or use as a decor accessory. With these accessories on the table, your guests will definitely take a look at the resin to understand the story behind the design.

Get Resin of Any Color

Transparent and neutral colors are most commonly used for resins but know that resin can feature just about any color — be it a light beige shade or a combination of bright colors. Add pop to the river table with vibrant and bold colors. Or, keep the look minimal with transparent shades. The choice is yours! If you have selected a specific design for your resin table, send its picture to the manufacturer so that they can make a similar product or modify the design to give it a more customized look.

Select a Base

You can choose a wooden or metal base for the legs of your table. Remember that the base must be strong and durable enough to hold the weight of the tabletop. Since there will be a lot of artwork and probably accessories cast on the resin, the tabletop might weigh more than 300lbs. Metal legs are your best bet if you want durability and a low-maintenance base. Wooden is equally durable. It gives a rustic feel to the table.
Select the Size and Seating Space
River tables consist of live edge slabs, so they don’t really have any size. Some slabs are extremely large, others are incredibly short. The design and size of the table will depend on your preference. Just tell the manufacturer how many people you’d like to seat at the table and they will design it accordingly.
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